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Pchum Ben Day

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Pchum Ben Essay Sample

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In Cambodia, September is the month of the Pchum Ben festival, or Ancestor’s Festival. For the Cambodians, it is the most important religious festival with the Khmer New Year. It is also one of the most ancient religious celebrations for Khmer people, taking its origins in the beginning of the Angkorian era.

Pchum Ben in Cambodia is the country’s most important Buddhist festival. Also known as Ancestors Festival or Hungry Ghosts Festival, Pchum Ben, which marks the end of Buddhist lent, takes place over 15 days towards the end of monsoon.

Oct 09,  · It's Pchum Ben Day in Cambodia for 15 days starting from the 30th of September We got up early in the morning since 3am as we have to.

The fifteenth day, of the tenth month, of the Khmer calendar marks the Pchum Ben festival. This is a time when the spirits of the dead ancestors walk the Earth.

And. GEOGRAPHY Cambodia covers a land area ofkm 2 in the southwestern of the Indochina peninsula. The country’s maximum extent is about km (east – west) and (north- south). It is bounded on the west by Thailand, on the north by Thailand and Loas, on the east by Vietnam and on the east by south by the Gulf of Thailand.

Pchm ben is the most remarkable national rite in Cambodia. It is also a religious festival because it is related to religious belief. This rite is held when the moonlight become less until dark.

Pchum Ben Essay Sample Writing about pchum ben festival in cambodia
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Feeding the Ancestors: The Cambodian Pchum Ben Festival