Sinhala new year festival essay

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival in Sri Lanka

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Sinhala and Tamil New Year

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Sinhala and Tamil New Year in Sri Lanka

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Sinhala New Year – Traditions and Customs

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Sinhalese New Year

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Apr 04,  · Sinhala and Hindu New Year Festival is one of valuable and interesting festival among them, which is celebrated, based on Sun. King Rawana was a power full and human friendly ruler according to historical factors.

Essays on Sinhala And Tamil New Year. Sinhala And Tamil New Year Search.

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festival in Sri Lanka

Search Results. New Year Eve On Thames New Year celebration and his voice greeted listeners with a cheerful 'Happy New Year,' in introducing Sinhala music Mylvaganam (the first Tamil Announcer on the.

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year or as we all call it Avurudu in Sinhala, has become an important national holiday for both Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamil Hindus of Sri Lanka.

It is unique because it is not celebrated in any other country as a national festival. New Year in Sinhalese or Sri Lanka, popularly called Aluth Avurudhu, is observed on the 13th and 14 th of April every year. It is a solar festival that begins as the Sun enters to the zodiac of Aries or Mesha.

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Sinhala new year festival essay
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Sinhala and hindu new year festival essay